Snapchat NFC Connect Card | White PVC (Pre-printed)

£24.99 exc. VAT

Virtifi Snapchat Connect NFC Card – A simple and effective way to increase your Followers/Subscribers on Snapchat



Snapchat NFC Connect Card – A simple and effective way to increase your Followers/Subscribers on Snapchat

Our Snapchat NFC Connect Card is a better and more impressive method to get Snapchat followers on the spot. Now, Instead of spelling out your username to everyone or waiting for them to follow you later, just tap your card on their phone. Your Snapchat profile pops up on their screens, and they can follow you on the spot.

Isn’t it amazing that you can effortlessly gain followers while leaving a positive and professional impression?

Our Snapchat Connect pre-printed card is an affordable and budget-friendly option; however, you won’t be able to add your logo to it. Choose the Snapchat NFC Connect Card custom logo option if you want your logo on the card.

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Stylish and Effective Design: The stylish and modern design of our NFC Cards grabs customers’ attention, and the invitation prompts them to Follow you.

Travel-friendly and convenient: Our Snapchat NFC Connect Cards are as compact as a credit card, making them perfect for slipping into your wallet or pocket.

No app required: Activate your Snapchat NFC Connect Card effortlessly – just tap or scan the QR code on your phone. Add your Snapchat username, and you’re good to go! Update anytime through your Virtifi account. No app is needed!

Eco-Friendly: Crafted from eco-friendly materials like PVC and metal, our NFC cards are more durable and eco-friendly than regular paper cards.