When making connections, it is extremely important to show your professional side. Virtifi, your smart digital business card, has always been great for this. It always allows you to showcase your personal and professional information. 

Virtifi’s true power lies in its ability to adapt to changing professional demands. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the LinkedIn Company action. The LinkedIn company is a powerful addition to Virtifi’s actions. This action will help you to add your company’s LinkedIn profile to your smart business card.

Before exploring the LinkedIn Company action in detail, let’s quickly recap what Virtifi is and what we mean by “actions”. Virtifi is a digital business card that uses NFC and QR Code technology. It allows you to create a profile that includes your personal and business information. Actions are simply the links and information that you add to your profile. These links include your WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, websites, etc, and now LinkedIn company. 

What is a LinkedIn Company Action?

The LinkedIn Company action is an addition to Virtifi’s existing actions. It allows you to add your company’s profile to your digital business card. Virtifi has always had the LinkedIn profile feature, which allows you to connect your personal LinkedIn account to your digital business card. However, the additional LinkedIn company feature will allow you to add your company’s profile along with your personal profile. This is a great way to share your professional journey with your connections and clients. With the new LinkedIn Company Action, you can now also showcase your company’s LinkedIn profile. This dual feature means that you are not only presenting yourself as a valuable professional but also as a representative of your organisation.

How LinkedIn Profile Action Can Benefit You?

Let’s take a look at some fantastic benefits you can get from Virtifi’s LinkedIn Company Feature.

Enhance your Credibility: Sharing your company’s LinkedIn profile on Virtifi is a game-changer in terms of credibility. It indicates that you’re not just an individual; you are part of a reputable company with a professional presence on one of the most powerful networking platforms. This added layer of credibility can make potential clients and partners trust you more, leading to better opportunities.

Better Impressions: When you share your Virtifi card with both profiles, you create a lasting impression. People will remember you as someone with strong connections, both personally and through your company. This is a great way to stand out in the professional world.

Increase Your Company’s Visibility: Apart from benefiting your personal profile, adding your company’s LinkedIn profile to Virtifi also increases your organisation’s visibility. More exposure means more leads, more connections, and more business opportunities.

How to Add LinkedIn Company Action to Your Profile?

Adding your company’s LinkedIn profile to your Virtifi card is a simple and easy process! 

Simply log in to your Virtifi profile, click on the ‘Edit’ button on your desired profile,’ and then click on the “Add Action” button located on the right side of your screen. 

"Add action button" on the right side side of the screen

There, you will find the ‘LinkedIn Company’ option on the bottom line. 

LinkedIn company profile option located at the bottom line  along with other Actions

Click on it, add your company profile’s username, change the action title if you want, and then hit the ‘Submit’ button.

add your company profile’s username, change the action title if you want, and then hit the 'Submit’ button.

Your company’s LinkedIn profile is integrated into your Virtifi card for the world to see. It’s a quick and effective way to enhance your professional presence.


If you’re looking to make a bigger impact in the professional world, Virtifi’s LinkedIn Company Action is the way to go. It’s easy to use, and the benefits are clear. So, if you’re ready to elevate your LinkedIn game and unlock new opportunities, make sure to explore the LinkedIn Company Profile feature on Virtifi today. Stay connected, stay credible, and watch your network grow like never before!

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