In today’s world, people are switching to NFC business cards quickly.

Do you know why? Because they are the easiest way to share and collect contact information instantly.

Imagine attending a professional event surrounded by important people you want to connect with. It is easy to hand out your business cards to everyone you meet, but there is a low chance that they will save your contact information. Searching for social links from your business card can be a tedious task, especially when people have a lot of other cards to go through. As a result, your chances of standing out from the crowd are almost nonexistent. Additionally, most people will simply lose your card. In this case, a better way to connect with people at an event is to use a Virtifi NFC business card. With Virtifi you can easily save your contact information on others’ smartphones and make a remarkable impression.

What are NFC Business Cards?

Virtifi NFC business card with NFC and QR Code technology

NFC business cards, also known as digital, smart or electronic business cards, are modern alternatives to traditional paper business cards. These cards use modern technologies, which makes them less static and more interactive. You can add your information, such as contact details, social links, address, portfolio, and every other information you want to add.

This information is stored electronically, typically in the form of NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, QR codes, or mobile apps.

What is Virtifi NFC Business Card?

Virtifi is a modern NFC business card that uses NFC and QR codes to store and share your contact information. It makes networking easier by allowing others to connect with you with just a tap on their phone.

To initiate your networking journey, the first step is obtaining a Virtifi NFC business card. Visit the official website to get your card, where you can select the ideal one based on your requirements and budget.

Personalise your card by adding details such as your name, company name, logo, preferred colours, and more. Once you have your card, proceed to creating your profile and adding details to it. You have the flexibility to add extensive information to your profile, such as personal details, business information, social media links, and more.

How Does Virtifi Work?

Virtifi NFC cards have a tiny chip and a QR code on them. The chip stores all the contact details you have added to your profile. When you tap your card on someone’s phone or scan the QR code, your information shows up on their screen. You can also share your digital card on your social media and even in emails and messages. It’s like magic! This makes sharing information super easy and quick.

Virtifi Card Customization Options 

Virtifi products offer you a range of customization options to suit your preferences. On the basis of customization, you have three choices:

Pre-printed: The first option is a cost-effective pre-printed Virtifi card. This card comes with the Virifi logo and website pre-printed, meaning you won’t be able to customise these elements. However, all the information on the profile will be yours to personalise.

Logo and Text Customisation: This option allows you to add your own logo and text to the card. You can incorporate your company’s name, logo, and website, or choose to feature your personal details.

Bespoke: As the name suggests, the bespoke option gives you complete freedom to customise the entire card according to your unique requirements. You can add your logo, name, choose any colours, and even include text, images, and additional design elements. The bespoke card is available in two materials: PVC and metal, providing you with even more flexibility in your choice of materials.

Benefits of Virtifi

Virtifi NFC Business Card offers several benefits that align with eco-friendly practices, efficient information sharing, and easy networking.

Here’s a list of its benefits provided by Virtifi:

Customization: Virtifi offers a high level of customization, allowing users to personalise both their physical card and their online profile information. Virtifi gives you the freedom to customise your card by adding your name, company name, logos, colours, etc. Additionally, you can also customise your profile by adding contact information, social links, videos, portfolios, etc.

Eco-friendly: Virtifi eliminates the need for traditional paper business cards, contributing to reduced deforestation and paper waste.

Tap and Share: It enables instant information exchange by simply tapping the smart card on compatible devices or scanning the QR code.

Digital Presence: Virtifi facilitates the sharing of comprehensive digital profiles, including contact details, social media links, and professional information, enhancing the efficiency of information exchange.

Real-Time Updates: Users can update their information in real-time, ensuring contacts always have the latest information.

Time Efficiency: It Allows professionals to focus on meaningful interactions rather than exchanging and organising physical business cards

Memorable Interactions: Leaves a lasting impression on others by sharing information innovatively and conveniently.


NFC business cards are like digital versions of traditional paper cards. They can store your information electronically using technologies like QR codes or NFC chips. Virtifi is one of these NFC cards, and it uses NFC and QR codes. To get one, you visit their website, pick a card, and customise it with your details. When someone taps the card or scans the QR code, your info appears on their phone.